Our Story

Woodbine candles was founded to indulge the Country in more unqiue and inspiring scents built from the ground up to embody the people and experiences of New Zealand.


Glen and Makayla created Woodbine candles based on the idea of something primal that leads us to brave the elements, to be the first on the battlefield and last off. We stare into the abyss, making it blink first. We believe there is deep in the heart of Kiwis, a thirst for adventure; a desire for wild. Some inward compass that takes us from congestion and concrete to wide open frontier.

Woodbine takes you there - into the wild and uncharted.



Our Team

Meet the Founders of Woodbine Candle Company

Makayla Baker

Chief Candle Engineer


Makayla is the creative force behind our range of candles. She sources and trials all the ingredients for our products to meet the highest standard of look and scent to ensure the best product for our clients.


With years of experience in the candle making business Makayla has developed her skills from spending time with market leaders and experts to testing her products at markets around Auckland. This experience and continuous experimentation ensures that Woodbine Candles are of the highest quality and produce a quality experience.


Glen Jones


Glen's background is in process design and user experience and has helped to shape the candle creation process and build the website to provide the best customer experience. At Woodbine Candles we believe that the experience starts from the moment you see first encounter our brand and we will provide a quality experience until the wick burns out.


Continuously looking for feedback Glen is keen to hear all your ideas and work with Makayla to provide fantastic solutions.